Montaka: Five years on – Reinforcing our approach

– Andrew Macken and Christopher Demasi


Five years ago, when we launched Montaka we had a single clear goal: to maximise the probability of achieving multi-decade compounding of our clients’ wealth, alongside our own. Five years on, we want to reinforce our commitment to this goal and introduce new initiatives to support the success of all our clients.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a public health tragedy which has caused uncertainty and disruption in economies and markets worldwide. But it is not the only global risk we have encountered in recent years. On the day we launched Greece officially defaulted on its loans and later that year we witnessed a collapse in Chinese financial markets; there was chaotic market fallout from the unexpected Brexit referendum result in 2016; a surprise US general election result in that same year; the outbreak of a trade war between the world’s two largest economies in 2018; and more recently civil rights protests in Hong Kong last year and in the US this year.

While we realise that there will always be ups and downs, we are confident we have the right structure and people to endure and succeed for our clients. Our business has a strong base of permanent capital; our principals are committed to long-term investment alongside our clients in our own funds; and we have built and developed a highly skilled team.

We are convinced that the months and years ahead will present opportunities to make attractive, multi-generational investments and we are prepared and well-positioned to take advantage of these. We focus our expert deep sector and market knowledge on selecting excellent businesses that are long-term winners, together with robust valuation disciplines, specialist short-selling expertise, and portfolio capital protection enhancements.

We are committed to meeting the various investment objectives of our clients and their preferred ways of accessing our capabilities. While we have one goal, we have three differentiated strategies and five funds. Our offering now includes the recently launched Montaka Global Extension Fund. This is our second fund quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange and trades under the ticker MKAX. We look forward to telling you more about it in the coming weeks.



Andrew Macken is the Chief Investment Officer and Christopher Demasi is a Portfolio Manager with Montaka Global Investments.

To learn more about Montaka, please call +612 7202 0100.

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