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History shows the stock market can be wildly wrong. Is it now wrong on AI and China?

Andrew Macken's personal story of becoming a global equities investor

From Wagga to Wall Street. How I became a global equities investor.

Explore the lasting value of global equities in the ever-evolving investment landscape. Andrew Macken, Montaka’s CIO, shares insightful perspectives on why they deserve a place as a cornerstone in your portfolio, drawing from his personal journey of building a career in global equities.

Short-term versus long-term investing (the pros and cons)

In this insightful article, Chris Demasi discusses the considerations investors should evaluate when deciding between short-term and long-term investment horizons. By examining the source of opportunity, drivers of return, potential for outsized gains, degree of deviation, and portfolio turnover, investors can make informed decisions to maximize their returns while managing risk. Demasi emphasizes the benefits of a long-term approach while acknowledging the value of selectively capitalizing on short-term opportunities.