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5 steps to evolve your investing in the right direction

Stewps to improve your investing strategy

5 steps to evolve your investing in the right direction

Investing is a continual evolution and involves learning and extracting the right lessons. Are you looking for ways to enhance and improve your investing strategy? This article covers 5 key steps for advancing your investment strategy in the appropriate direction.

Top 5 tech stocks - Montaka

Tech not dead: 5 big investment opportunities in tech today

Our latest whitepaper revealed how new waves of innovation, particularly in AI, are fueling a new phase of growth in tech. Despite the recent stock price drawdowns, the future for tech is bright, particularly in AI, and we highlight companies with huge growth opportunities and cheap valuations.

Quarterly Update: Q1 2023

As the saying goes: there are decades where little happens, and there are weeks where decades happen. The weeks of Q1 2023 fell squarely into the latter category. Our letter reflects on the consequences of the rapid monetary tightening, the recent collapse of banks and declining retail spending. The letter also discusses the launch of OpenAI’s latest AI model, GPT-4.