Unique global investment opportunities for capital aware investors.

About Montaka

Montaka blends its talented and experienced team of individuals with a combination of global business insights, investment philosophy and structure previously unavailable to Australian investors broadly.

Montaka Global Fund provides individuals, families and their investment entities with the opportunity to create long-term value from both the expansion of carefully selected extraordinary global businesses and the deterioration of those that are identified as inferior and flawed. Investors may also benefit from offshore diversification, while being potentially protected from a decline in equity markets and a volatile currency.

Our Name

Our name, Montaka, is a portmanteau of Montgomery and Mintaka.

Montgomery Investment Management is a premier Australian boutique fund manager and a founding majority shareholder of Montgomery Global Investment Management.

Mintaka is a double-star in the constellation Orion, 7000 times brighter than the sun, and one of the few observable from both North America and Australia.

Montaka connects international investors with an expanded universe of global opportunities by combining the experience of its team with a unique investment style, philosophy and process, unavailable at many much larger institutions.



Opportunities to create value from extraordinary global businesses are revealed through the application of the value-investing framework already employed successfully across Montgomery funds.

And creating value from deteriorating businesses and declining markets requires the application of a tested and proven proprietary investment framework that leverages the unique international skillset of Montaka’s team.

Proprietary quantitative models are employed to generate a universe of opportunities, that are subsequently subjected to the team’s investment experience and fundamental research skillset to produce a superior and repeatable investment process that can be applied with consistency.

Protecting Capital

For any given return, the profile of those returns – the path taken to get there – is even more important. Employing a quality, value investing approach can reduce risk. And we believe successfully making investments that also profit from deteriorating or flawed businesses and industries, as well as declining markets can mitigate risk further. The inclusion of these investments reduces the investor’s exposure to the market and its vicissitudes overall.

Montaka Global Fund

Investing with Montaka provides domestic and international clients the opportunity to benefit from both the value created by extraordinary businesses purchased at discounts to intrinsic value, as well as the decline in value of deteriorating businesses and industries. Greater capital protection may also be provided when markets turn down.

Typically 15-30 holdings in the equities of extraordinary global businesses are partially offset by 25-40 holdings in the equities of deteriorating global businesses.

The result of this combination is reduced Net Market Exposure and typically much less than 100 per cent. Owning $100 worth of extraordinary global businesses and offsetting this with $60 seeking to profit from deteriorating or flawed businesses and industries produces, for example, a net exposure of $40. For every $100 invested in the Montaka Global Fund, investors are exposed, in this example, to $40 of risk from the general movement of the market.

In addition to the diversification benefits of international companies and foreign currencies, should the market suddenly drop by a hypothetical 10 per cent, the above example produces an expected decline of approximately four per cent.

As a result of this decreased net market exposure, Montaka carries significantly less market risk compared to many of its typical equity fund peers. In fact, some investors might view Montaka as a substitute for fixed income bonds, rather than as an equity investment.

Global diversification benefits are derived from the expected geographical exposures of; 50-60 per cent US/Canada; 20-25 per cent Western Europe/ UK; 15-20 per cent Asia/Australia; and 0-5 per cent elsewhere.


The Montaka Global Access Fund offers investors, with a minimum initial investment of $50,000, the opportunity to invest globally and benefit from rising and declining businesses and market conditions through the Montaka Global Fund.

Please click here to learn more about this fund – Montaka Global Access Fund.

How To Invest

Australian wholesale investors may request an Information Memorandum, and international investors a Private Placement Memorandum, by completing your details.
The minimum investment is A$1 million. If you are not a wholesale investor please click here to find out more about the retail fund – Montaka Global Access Fund.

The Montaka Global Fund is available to wholesale clients only (as defined in sections 761G and 761GA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)). By downloading a copy of the Information Memorandum for the Montaka Global Fund, you agree you are a wholesale client. You also agree that you will not distribute or otherwise make available a copy of the Information Memorandum to any person who is not a wholesale clients.

For further information, please call David Buckland, Director of Montgomery Global Investment Management, on +61 2 8046 5000.

Our People

Montaka combines the unique experiences and complimentary skillsets of a diverse range of people in order to deliver superior outcomes for clients.

  • Andrew Macken

    Chief Investment Officer

    Andrew joined Montgomery Investment Management in March 2014, and brought with him a highly valued skillset that has typically remained unavailable to Australian clients. After spending nearly four years as a senior member of Jim Chanos’ research team at Kynikos Associates LP, a multi-billion dollar global long/short fund based in New York, Andrew has developed particular expertise in short portfolio management. Kynikos is one of the largest short-focused hedge funds in the world and manages capital on behalf of high net worth families and institutional investors.

    Prior to this, Andrew worked as a management consultant at Port Jackson Partners (PJP), a leading advisor to corporates based in Australia and abroad. At PJP, Andrew focused on corporate strategy for major clients both in Australia and overseas.

    Andrew holds a Master of Business Administration (Dean’s List) from the Columbia Business School in New York. While at Columbia, Andrew was a member of the Applied Value Investing program through the prestigious Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing. Previous to this, Andrew also graduated with High Distinction with a Master of Commerce, focusing on Finance; and First Class Honours with a Bachelor of Engineering under a Co-Op Scholarship from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

    Andrew is a significant shareholder in Montgomery Global Investment Management.

  • Christopher Demasi

    Portfolio Manager

    Christopher joined Montgomery in January 2015 after more than four years with LFG, the private investment group of the Lowy family. As a Senior Investment Analyst, Christopher was a trusted member of the LFG investment team – a group focused on investing the family’s significant capital directly in public equities across a broad range of geographies and industries. After an initial period in Sydney, Christopher relocated to help LFG establish its New York office.

    Prior to this, Christopher worked as a Research Analyst at One East Partners, a multi-billion dollar global long/short fund based in New York, where he concentrated on fundamental and event-driven global equity investments. He began his career in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs in Sydney.

    Christopher holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Double Major in Actuarial Studies and Finance) with High Distinction under a Co-Op Scholarship from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

    Christopher is a significant shareholder in Montgomery Global Investment Management.

  • Paul Mason

    Chief Operating Officer

    Throughout Paul’s 20 years in the investment banking industry, he has gained experience as a COO in equity capital markets, operations, new business development, equity trading, listed/OTC derivatives, program trading, index arbitrage and prime services. Paul has also been the COO of a global investment and advisory business based in the US. Most recently, he has leveraged these skills to set up a consulting business providing advice to investment banks, other financial institutions and funds to help with change management, business strategy and development, controls improvement and operational and regulatory risk management.

  • George Hadjia

    Research Analyst

    George joined Montgomery Global Investment Management in September 2015 as a Research Analyst.

    Prior to joining Montgomery, George was an investment analyst at Private Portfolio Managers where he covered global equities across various industries, using a value investing framework. George’s prior experiences include equities research and investment banking roles at both Citi and Greenhill & Co.

    George studied at the University of Sydney and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction and a Bachelor of Laws.

  • Daniel Wu

    Research Analyst

    Daniel joined Montgomery Global Investment Management in June 2016 as a Research Analyst.

    Prior to joining Montgomery, Daniel was an analyst in the investment banking divisions of UBS and Goldman Sachs, where he covered the Infrastructure, Utilities, Technology and Media sectors.

    Daniel studied at the University of Sydney and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction and a Bachelor of Laws.

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