We founded Montaka in 2015 with a mission to achieve superior long-term compounding of investors’ capital, alongside our own. Today we are better positioned than ever to succeed for our clients because our unique culture and structure empower us to make the best long-term investment decisions.

Our culture reflects a dedication to partnership and continual improvement. We are on a long-term journey towards shared investment success with investors and we strive for excellence in our practices, portfolio, and performance.

Our structure is strong, underpinned by the patient long-term capital of our principals, owners, and investors and close alignment of interests. Our team members are partners in our firm, investors in our fund and they are rewarded in line with long term investment performance.

Together our culture and structure provide a platform for our powerful approach to global equity investing. We invest with high conviction and long duration. Our portfolio is focussed on the long-term winners in attractive transforming markets with outsized return potential.

We believe our investment and risk management processes are enhanced by successfully adopting and integrating principles and best practices of Responsible Investing (RI). You can access our RI policy approach and document here. And our Proxy Voting policy can be accessed here.

We look forward to partnering with you as we strive for superior long-term compounding of capital together.


Andrew and Chris