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Quarterly Update: Q1 2024

Quarterly Update: Q1 2024

Our strong performance continued into Q1 2024, supported by resilient US economic data and promising growth in key sectors, particularly technology and finance. With strategic additions to our portfolio, including AMD and Kyndryl Holdings, we remain optimistic about substantial long-term growth opportunities, as we navigate the unpredictable US political landscape.

Quarterly Update: Q4 2023

Explore the insights and strategic moves that shaped Montaka’s investment approach in the extraordinary year of 2023. From the surprising stock market dynamics to the focus on ‘compounder’ businesses and high-potential investment areas, join Montaka’s journey through the December Quarterly Letter.

Q3 2023 Earnings Season Wrap | Podcast

Exciting new episode with Chris Demasi & Matt Briggs where they discuss the most recent Q3 reporting season. We dig deeper into the recently reported financials to unearth certain overlooked nuggets which relate to Montaka’s core portfolio holdings: Amazon, Spotify, Blackstone and Microsoft.