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How we uncovered a little-known IBM spinoff gem: Kyndryl Holdings

US earnings season

The biggest surprise in US earnings

Insights from the recent US earnings season, discussing 9 companies that delivered solid results but faced muted stock price reactions. Discover Montaka’s latest addition and investment thesis.

Finding needles in the haystack — ‘feature’ edition

Discover the powerful strategy of focusing on key ‘features’ that signal high-quality businesses, enabling investors to cut through the noise and identify exceptional long-term investment opportunities amid an information-flooded market.

Letter from the PMs – May 2024

Despite recent market turbulence, Montaka’s portfolio companies have reported excellent earnings. Our strategy approach allows us to overlook short-term market fluctuations and stay confident in our investments’ long-term potential.

Quarterly Update: Q1 2024

Our strong performance continued into Q1 2024, supported by resilient US economic data and promising growth in key sectors, particularly technology and finance. With strategic additions to our portfolio, including AMD and Kyndryl Holdings, we remain optimistic about substantial long-term growth opportunities, as we navigate the unpredictable US political landscape.

Six reasons LVMH will keep compounding for decades to come

Explore the six compelling reasons why LVMH, the world’s leader in luxury with iconic brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior, is well-positioned to benefit from powerful structural tailwinds and continue its impressive earnings growth for decades to come.

Letter from the PMs – April 2024

After a strong December quarter last year, 2024 has commenced with another solid March quarter. The lesson that markets are essentially unpredictable over short time periods continues to be reinforced.

4 simple steps to unearth great investment opportunities

Discover a straightforward approach to identifying superior long-term investment opportunities by following these four simple steps: identify reliable transformations, map out potential opportunities, pinpoint businesses with durable advantages, and test for valuation acceptability.