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Quarterly Update: Q4 2023

Quarterly Update: Q4 2023

Explore the insights and strategic moves that shaped Montaka’s investment approach in the extraordinary year of 2023. From the surprising stock market dynamics to the focus on ‘compounder’ businesses and high-potential investment areas, join Montaka’s journey through the December Quarterly Letter.

Quarterly Update: Q3 2023

Why we believe the future will look different to the past. Why there will be more divergence between winners and losers. And why we believe Montaka’s analysis of evolving global dynamics will continue to be of service to clients. Gain valuable insights into our outlook by reading our Quarterly Update.

Quarterly Update: Q2 2023

In the first half of 2023, the economy, stock market, and Montaka’s portfolio have exceeded expectations. The portfolio’s appreciation led to questions about selling top performers, but we remain steadfast. Read on for insights on resilient stocks, our strategic holdings, and future outlook.