The biggest surprise in US earnings

US earnings season

The biggest surprise in US earnings

Insights from the recent US earnings season, discussing 9 companies that delivered solid results but faced muted stock price reactions. Discover Montaka’s latest addition and investment thesis.

Investors focussing on the short-term rather than long

Why short-termism is both a travesty and an opportunity

Graham Hand, editor at Firstlinks interviews Chris and discuss investor’s short-term outlook. On any given day, whether the stockmarket rises or falls is a coin toss, but stay invested for 10 years and the odds are excellent. It’s at times of market selloffs that opportunities present for long-term investors.

AI whitepaper Montaka Global

Whitepaper: Why epoch-defining AI is today’s most important investment theme (and the safest way to profit)

(As mentioned in the AFR) Montaka believes AI will drive much, much more demand for compute and storage – both in the cloud and at the edge – than many are expecting today. Furthermore, the long-term winners are already known today with a high degree of certainty and we believe the current stock prices of these businesses are failing to adequately reflect what Montaka’s sees on the horizon.