Montaka’s 5 stand-out podcasts of 2022

Meta: buy sell hold

Downfall? 6 vital questions on Meta’s future

Montaka CIO, Andrew Macken shares why he believes there is a strong likelihood that Meta will significantly outperform the very low expectations that are currently embedded in Meta’s stock price.

The case for investment optimism: 4 tech advancements that will underpin long-term returns (and the 3 stocks you need to profit from them)

With so much bad news abound, it can be difficult to see any light amidst the economic darkness. But in engineering labs all around the world, extraordinary advancements in technology are being made. In the not-too-distant future, the economic cycle will turn, and the market’s myopia will fade. And when it does, the new market opportunities unlocked by today’s technological advancements will come into focus.

Spotify cover image Montaka GLobal

4 reasons why Spotify shares are set for a star revival

Bargain hunters alert! Spotify shares have fallen 75% from their peak in 2021. Should you panic? We don’t think so. Here are 4 key reasons why Spotify can materially increase its earning power in future years and why the stock is way undervalued in our opinion.