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CAC is the New Rent

Typically, rent is one of the largest costs for offline retailers. However, the internet has given rise to a new set of dynamics in an online world for consumer firms with customer acquisition cost (CAC) usurping rent in importance.

Why investing is hard

As Warren Buffett once said: “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” This simple definition underpins the logical pursuit of value investors to make investments in businesses only when prices are materially below their true value.

Our thoughts on the Ant Group IPO

Chinese payments and fintech giant Ant Group is expected to IPO at a valuation exceeding US$200 billion. This marks the first time a large Chinese payments platform has filed standalone financials publicly, which should provide investors with some interesting insights.

Googling Through Alphabet’s Bag of Bulging Businesses (Part II)

There appears to be a common thread running through Google parent, Alphabet’s strategic vision and execution across the markets it enters and operates. It is well known that Alphabet has been a highly disruptive force in online digital advertising, however it appears this is not a one-off situation. There are several similar industry entry strategies, at varying stages of development, within Alphabet’s portfolio today.