Books to read during the summer break

Montaka’s summer reading list

– Andrew Macken


Here are 10 books that were consumed by Montaka’s investment team during 2021. Some are old, some are new. And all of them shared valuable insights with us that we are now incorporating into our investment perspectives. Enjoy!


The Age of AI (Kissinger, Schmidt, Huttenlocher) – 

The most up-to-date examination of how AI is set to transform the world. This book raises a wide range of issues that humans will need to consider as AI becomes increasingly ingrained into all aspects of our lives.

What you do is who you are (Horowitz) –

This is a powerful book that provides tangible models on the seemingly intangible concept of ‘culture’. It’s mandatory reading for anyone seeking to cultivate and strengthen organisational culture.

The Ride of a Lifetime (Iger) –

This is the story about Disney through the eyes of Bob Iger who led the company for 15 years. It provides an inside look into the culture within the firm, the acquisitions that have shaped what the business is today, as well as a good helping of business wisdom.

Platform revolution: How Network Markets are Transforming the Economy (Parker, Van Alstyne, Choudary) – 

A case study unravelling the formation and success of many seminal platform business models including Facebook, Uber and Alibaba. Through the lens of economic theory, the authors provide the blueprint to building a multi-sided marketplace, which is increasingly relevant today as these types of businesses scale larger and faster than many traditional old-world models due to their ability to better match supply and demand.

Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism (Applebaum) –

A comprehensive and up to date look at the rise of authoritarianism around the world and the consistent set of tools and techniques typically employed by despotic leaders.

Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans (Mitchell) –

 A foundational review of the current state of AI and how it has started to transform our world in meaningful way.

Innovators Dilemma (Christensen) –

A classic exploration of how disruptive technologies came to be. Christensen, through the use of many case studies, examines how successful companies fail due to their myopic focus on their largest customers, failing to recognise simpler, lower price-point technologies demanded by a new customer base. This book is a useful guide on how to evaluate the new disruptive technologies that seem to be emerging so frequently, like the new buy-now-pay-later phenomenon.

Crashed (Adam Tooze) –

In-depth analysis of what happened to cause the GFC, who/what enabled the recovery, and the economic and political implications of the billions of dollars that were deployed to rescue our institutions.

Behind the Cloud (Benioff) –

An inside look into the drive, dedication and brilliance of Marc Benioff in his journey building The book is brimming with pearls of wisdom on business strategy, culture and entrepreneurship.

After the Fall: Being American in the World We’ve Made (Rhodes) –

A valuable and comprehensive study of the geopolitical dynamics the world faces today, from the perspective of President Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser.
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