Post Covid-19

Part 1: Winning in the age of enterprise- digital transformation

– Andrew Macken, Chris Demasi and Lachlan Mackay


Every business is now a technology business. This was a fringe view just five years ago and yet is exceedingly ubiquitous today. Leadership teams in businesses from all industries and around the world now understand the benefits of cloud-based technology infrastructure and software-based applications that can be purchased in a scalable way as services. They understand the imperatives to leverage their data in sales, marketing and customer service functions. They understand their systems need to work seamlessly across multiple devices and for employees who could be located anywhere in the world. Customers are increasingly demanding more too: retailers need to sell effectively across multiple digital channels. This list is nearly endless.

It is beyond dispute that the digital transformation of the enterprise is a structural trend that has recently accelerated. And we remain in the early innings of this trend. 

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