Q1 2021

Quarterly Update (Q1 2021)

– Andrew Macken & Christopher Demasi


We discuss a few of our largest holdings and investment themes in this video. It’s been an interesting quarter filled with a lot of possible distractions – from pockets of speculative behavior in SPACs, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and even Australian property – to the supposed threat of inflation and fears of higher bond yields. But we believe that when investors calmly take a step back from the noise, they will see a highly supportive economic backdrop for long-term equity prices. It is one thing to identify attractive future markets and who the high-probability winners are in each space, but it’s another to make sure that these businesses are acquired at reasonable prices. When looking through Montaka’s current portfolio holdings, rest assured that our analysis suggests that every one of these businesses remains undervalued today.


Andrew Macken is the Chief Investment Officer and Christopher Demasi is the Portfolio Manager at Montaka Global Investments. To learn more about Montaka, please call +612 7202 0100.

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