The new ‘Cola wars’: Why Microsoft really launched its search war against Google

why Microsoft launched its search war against Google and how it is using AI-enabled search tools as an attack weapon

Microsoft’s recent launch of AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge web browser could be about much more than just web search. This move could be a way of forcing Google owner Alphabet to help accelerate the proliferation of AI, which would potentially benefit Microsoft which can sell more of the cloud computing and enterprise software that power AI.

Why Buffett is Buying: 3 perspectives that show stocks are still cheap

Equity vs Corporate bonds spread

In this article, we will explore the investing environment that led the legendary investor Warren Buffet to purchase more stocks in 2022 than in the previous 15 years combined. Despite the popular belief that stocks are expensive and corporate bonds are cheap, Amit Nath, the Director of Research at Montaka, presents three vital valuation perspectives that contradict this notion. These include the Equity Risk Premium (ERP), Corporate bond spreads, and how to measure them with the help of NYU professor Aswath Damodaran.