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Montaka named in AFR Chanticleer column’s ‘Five best trades of 2021’

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The Australian Financial Review’s prestigious Chanticleer column has named Montaka’s investment in private markets giants Blackstone, KKR and Carlyle one ‘The five best trades of 2021(excerpt from the article is shared below).

The column said private markets “were the place to be in 2021” and the best way to play the sector was owning the world’s three most prominent asset managers, Blackstone, KKR and Carlyle.

It noted that Montaka owned all three companies in its portfolio and quoted Montaka’s portfolio manager, Chris Demasi, saying they all still had significant growth opportunities.


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A snippet from the article is shared below, as quoted in the Australian Financial Review:

The five best trades of 2021

– Tony Boyd

The world’s smartest investors were trading carbon, crypto, private asset managers, fossil fuels and Sydney harbourside property this year.


Any list of the five best trades of 2021 is bound to be subjective and miss top-performing assets close to the hip pocket nerves of Chanticleer readers.

Also, putting the spotlight on short-term performance could be seen as encouraging speculative behaviour. But that is not the intention.

As followers of the Chook super fund would know, the belief in the chookyard is that the key to successful investing is a diversified portfolio of assets delivering long term, compounding growth.

Nevertheless, there are sure to be lessons from reviewing some of the world’s best-performing assets during a pandemic that caused unprecedented upheaval in every corner of the global economy.

It is for these reasons the word “trade” has been interpreted liberally to include high-performing individual assets as well as sectors and asset classes that delivered phenomenal returns.

The list excludes the sort of collectables beyond the reach of the retail investor such as fine French wine, vintage watches, Banksy’s art, obscure antiques and the exotic, petrol-guzzling cars favoured by PR man John Connolly.



Tony Boyd is the Chanticleer columnist. He has more than 35 years’ experience as a finance journalist.

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