Quarterly Update (Q3 2020)

– Andrew Macken

The quarter contained a number of very important developments that have changed the shape – in a favourable way – of the probability distribution of the range of possible medium-term economic outcomes. I’ll briefly touch on these and then reiterate the case for our strategy of owning privileged business models with expanding advantages that, in the context of the economic environment we see, are immensely valuable.

If you would like to learn more about the individual businesses we own, or what we are seeing in the world – with respect to the US election or other important issues – please take a look at the Insights section of our website at Montaka.com.

We thank you for your ongoing support and encourage you to allow the time necessary for the dynamics we are identifying to be appropriately reflected in equity prices. We believe we are at a unique time in history and the rewards to the patient investor will be large.

Andrew Macken is the Chief Investment Officer at Montaka Global Investments.

To learn more about Montaka, please call +612 7202 0100.

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